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                             Frequently asked questions

1.- Which is a Domain?
A domain or domain name, is the name that identifies a web site. Each domain must be unique on the internet.
A domain normally consists of three parts:
Ex. in  

A) the three double uves (
B) the name of the Organization (
C) and the type of Organization (
Domains records, have a cost (depending on the server) and can last from 1 to 10 years and are renewable.

2.-Which means Hosting?
Hosting is a word in English that means: give host.
It means put a web page on a Web server so that she can be seen anywhere in the world with Internet access.
Also has a cost (can be monthly or annual) and are renewable.

3.- Will I get customers to my website?
Web pages, are not a magical way to get clients, rather it is a way of helping your customers to better understand your business, your ideas and your products.
It is in this way as you will get more customers.

4.- That information should I put on my web page?
First ask what is it you want to achieve with your site so based on that of the same development can occur:
• Do I want people to know my company?
• I would like to have published a catalog of my products?
• Do I want to sell online?
• I want let me know with new customers?
• I would like to continuously publish
offers and promotions?
• Do I want the pages to appear always equal or that are continually renewed?

5.- From where do I get images for my website?
The task of finding the right image for your item, is a bit cumbersome work, especially if you want to find a very good image. These images or photos can belong you can get for free on the internet and there are also places where you can buy.

6.- My website, it will be a giant showcase that everyone vera instantly?
Rather it is a brochure online, relevant e, that can promote and update constantly.
It is a place where your readers will be looking for answers and a place which will share if they find what they are looking for.

7.- How much does a Website cost?
The price of a web page varies depending on: the time that lasts the domain, Hosting and how complex the design is.

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